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2 April 2022

Call for submissions

The Inquiry welcomes submissions from experts based on the core aims. You can submit evidence until 30th April 2022.

Written Submissions are invited from individuals and organisations with first-hand and expert knowledge of the Hazara communities in Afghanistan or Pakistan. This could include members of the Hazara community, journalists, civil society groups, academic researchers, human rights champions, or non-governmental organisations.

Submissions should focus on:

  • evidence of atrocities committed against Hazaras in Afghanistan or Pakistan and the subsequent impact on the community;

  • current assistance available to the Hazaras in Afghanistan or Pakistan and the shortfall of this aid;

  • steps that the international community could take to reduce the risk faced by Hazaras in Afghanistan or Pakistan, including recommendations for governments.

The deadline for written submissions is 30th April 2022.

Please send all submissions to

The Inquiry recommends that written submissions should follow the guidance produced for Parliamentary Committees. Submissions should be no longer than 3,000 words. The main body of any submission should use numbered paragraphs. Each submission should contain: 

  • a short summary, perhaps in bullet point form;

  • a brief introduction about the person or organisation submitting evidence, for example explaining their area of expertise or experience;

  • any factual information from which the Inquiry might be able to draw conclusions;

  • any recommendations for action by the Government or other groups;

  • Submissions should be in a malleable format such as Microsoft Word instead of PDFs.

Additional guidance on submitting written evidence available here: Guidance on submitting written evidence.

Call for Written Submissions: Research
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